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How To Order Using Bitcoin (Screenshots)

OVERVIEW: in addition to accepting bitcoin, we also accept all of your major credit cards as well as your PayPal and much more. Filipinos, you should set up your Bitcoin Wallet at whereas Americans and most other nationalities should set up their Bitcoin Wallets at but we do not have any specific recommendations outside of the just mentioned countries. However, there are hundreds of Bitcoin Wallet companies available for every country in the world. Just Google "bitcoin name of your country." Also, if you don't want to go thru the "hassle" of your verification process of just about every bitcoin Wallet company out there, you can purchase your bitcoin fairly easily and for INSTANT ACQUISITION AND USE (instead of the usual 3 or 4 day wait when buying thru your ACH bank account process) using your MAJOR CREDIT CARD and other buying methods most easily at  CoinMama: Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card and then a tad harder at then probably a tad harder at (there are other such services, but these are probably your most established and all are based in the USA). You CAN buy bitcoins for INSTANT credit thru your Coinbase as well using even only major debit cards I believe but you do have to get verified first. There are a variety of ways to get INSTANTLY credited bitcoins for Filipinos thru (linked above).

As you can clearly see from the two pictures above, one on the left, and one on the right, there are two (2) bitcoin payment paths available while checking out thru this your site. Your bitcoin payment path in your pic on your left is what we call your 100% COINBASE-bitcoin payment path. Your Coinbase is just one of your hundreds, if not thousands, of bitcoin wallets out there. Of course, it happens to be your largest and most successful bitcoin wallet, and it happens to be your bitcoin wallet that your Pure Hearts International itself uses, just like DELL computer and many other major businesses around your world. When you follow your 100% COINBASE-bitcoin payment path on your left, you are sending bitcoin payment to your Pure Hearts International COINBASE account *and* you HAVE to have a COINBASE-bitcoin wallet yourself to successfully follow your payment path on your LEFT above. That's why we call it your 100% COINBASE-bitcoin payment path, because BOTH sides of your transaction, both you as the sender, and your Pure Hearts International as the receiver, HAVE to BOTH have COINBASE-bitcoin wallets to make your left hand payment side work. You access your left hand side payment path by clicking on the words USE COINBASE WALLET, by the way...and just follow your easy step by step instructions that COINBASE supplies you with along your way. If you have any problems, your Coinbase has live chat operators standing by to help you if you click on your "need help" or whatever notifications usually in your lower right hand corner of your checkout process. 

On the right, however, is what we call your 50% COINBASE-bitcoin payment path. You access your right hand side payment path by clicking on the words USE BITCOIN ADDRESS. We call it your 50% COINBASE-bitcoin payment path because ONLY your Pure Hearts International, as the receiver, is supplying the COINBASE-bitcoin account. You, however, as the sender, using your right hand side bitcoin payment path, can use ANY non-COINBASE-bitcoin wallet available in your world that you wish. And there are hundreds of them out there, if not thousands. All you do is click on your COPY ADDRESS button and that will cause the Pure Hearts International unique bitcoin address (that just so happens to be "hosted" at the COINBASE-bitcoin wallet) to be copied to your clipboard. What you then do is go to YOUR non-COINBASE-bitcoin wallet, whichever one of the hundreds that you actually use, and copy and paste the Pure Hearts International unique bitcoin address in to the RECEIVING end of a payment transaction using YOUR non-COINBASE-bitcoin wallet. You have to do this BEFORE THE TIMER runs down to 0:00 for security purposes. As long as you make your payment to the Pure Hearts International unique bitcoin address using YOUR non-COINBASE bitcoin wallet within your required time period (that is, before the clock strikes 0:00), then here's what happens next. Your payment goes thru the bitcoin system, which means that your payment then "hits" the Pure Hearts International unique bitcoin address "hosted" by COINBASE, and then COINBASE, which we have integrated with our shopping cart, notifies the checkout web page process that you are right then on that "bitcoin payment was just successfully received at the Pure Hearts International unique bitcoin address" and then it API-wise (application programming interface) pushes your transaction thru as your COMPLETED TRANSACTION and generates your order number for you and starts your instant and automated digital download process if you ordered some of our MLM genealogy leads lists and/or digital information training products, etc. That whole process, just like our typical MC/VISA online shopping checkout, generally takes 60 seconds or less and what you are supposed to do is just sit there and watch it and do nothing and click nothing and just wait for the process to complete itself and then start moving on to the next pages, etc. PS If you don't beat your "timer," no worries, just start over and try again. 

In other words, it acts much like your MC/VISA checkout process, and, in many ways, once you've done it once or twice, is much faster and much simpler. However, if you are trying to order, and are having any problems, and can't seem to get your help that you need from your Coinbase or your own bitcoin wallet (if you use a bitcoin wallet other than Coinbase), simply contact us by clicking on your various contact buttons/links found in you lower left/right hand corners of your screen.