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Bitcoin Training Description

Although we also accept all of your major credit cards as well as your PayPal, your Pure Hearts International is intensely 100% dedicated to your digital currency known as Bitcoin for a variety of reasons, not the least of which being that Bitcoin is and will continue to allow us to reach your vast masses of your un-banked in your world (that large majority of your people on your planet that do not have bank accounts or any type of banking card, debit, credit or otherwise) that simply CAN NOT do business with virtually 100% of the  affiliate marketing and "pills, potions and lotions" MLM opportunities available worldwide.

Thus, our dedication to Bitcoin gives your Pure Hearts International an enormous comparative competitive advantage compared to the nearly 100% of affiliate marketing and "pills, potions and lotions" MLM opportunities that do NOT accept Bitcoin (this will gradually change but allow your Pure Hearts International a several year head start over all of the rest). Because of our fierce dedication to Bitcoin, we are also fiercely dedicated to EDUCATING our customers and affiliates on all things related to Bitcoin. Among John Carson Lester Jr's many God-given talents is an unearthly ability to teach and to break down extremely complex information and make it SIMPLE and UNDERSTANDABLE for your masses.

Therefore, your Bitcoin Training Page is on its way to increasingly becoming your insanely well organized and insanely deeply documented and web-linked educational resource relating to all things that are Bitcoin. Find your precise carefully selected and carefully organized materials that you need and you want to achieve your greatest hopes, desires and dreams for your financial future. It's FREE complements of your Pure Hearts International! Enjoy!